The lesser of two evils

His dance seems funny to those who pass him by

But his face and eyes, show he’s about to cry

Hands on his ass, his knees up and down

Teeth into bottom lip, to keep the screams down

Staring at the door trying to conjure up a plan

His resentment growing for that damn little black man

Yet they all enter and they all give him a weird look

Free to do as they please ignorance is all it took

Maybe they don’t wish to see, this grim reality

He might look funny to them, but to him they are crazy

They cover the walls and floors, they float in the air

It is a grotesque cesspool of filth in there

And that little black man, the gatekeeper of it all

The hell where the excrements of society fall

He can almost see them sitting awaiting his entrance

Smiling as they wait with the devils patience

He refuses to go in but his options run low

His grip on the situation weakens ever so slow

Did one get to him was his vigilance lacking

All the rules were followed, how could this be happening

He goes through his week but no anomaly is found

And yet this damn rumbling is still around

His body is upset his face is crunched up

Fear, logic and principles between these he is stuck

His sides start to hurt the pain intensifies

No success to be gained, yet he tries

He buckles under the pain, assumes a squatting position

Excruciating pain verses unbearable decision

Immediately rises up that pose is wrong

Dangerous as his clench becomes less strong

His body says move, his mind says halt

About to enter the house of those at fault

But he stops in his tracks, unable to move, unable to stay

A cruel and unusual torture his mind and body play

A crowd of coworkers form as they get what’s going on

He got sick something he could no longer prolong

The bug that went around finally got to him

A battle against violent diarrhea none of them could win

But he is a germaphobe of the first degree

Vigilant disinfectant use, shook hands with nobody

Never gets close enough to feel or smell ones breath

For him germs are a source of immediate death

He had a compulsive disorder, other than that, a clean bill of health

But now he had to choose

Use a public bathroom


Shit on himself

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