The beauty of solitude

The subtle chirping fills my room with a unique melody

The passing cars seem empty

I am alone and I love it

I revel in the silence of my mind

I adore the space created by what I left behind

I caress the darkness in the gap

And whisper “I wish I never had to go back”

The speed of life

The constant strife

All gone, unable to reach the miles I put between us

A few continents have thoroughly overpowered fuss

I am now without everything

And it makes the crevasses in my soul sing

I can finally get back to me

Revert to the peace I find in a stream deemed empty

Conversations with myself

Without the static of people interfering

I found myself in a dark corner weeping

Neglected due to circumstance

I had to give it, so I created another chance

For me to grow, expand my wings and breathe the air I wanted

Soar among the clouds, take a nap on the sun as it goes down, I craved it

Time ticks to its own rhythm, ever so slow

The constant drive of success has been let go

Peace has returned wearing all black

He is greeted by the old me “welcome back”

Being alone is easy, but pure solitude is better

No phone calls, no meetings, no emails … so much better

No shows, no events, no networking, no stress

No relationship issues, no disappointments, no secrets left to confess

A fresh start, a new beginning

Time for a new race, one at which I’m always winning

The beauty of solitude escapes most

But they forget that it’s a party and they are the host

I enjoy the company of me

And all the personalities that come with it

Being alone … I love it

You should try it

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