Her silhouette haunts my dreams

Her conquest the goal of my schemes

Her lips brim with the essence of purity

Her scent fills the cavity between perfect and beauty

But she refuses my calls

With each denial, my mind slowly falls

I told her to stay with me

She playfully said “stop acting crazy”

Her breath grazed my nose

Spontaneously I struck a pose

I wanted more than she gave

Her entire being is what I crave

Her husband told me to stop

I was visited by a cop

The judge gave me restrictions

But my, no our love was never with friction

So why start now, with whispers of abandonment

I hide in her bushes, a lion out to hunt

We had conversations about love

Her family, the big guy above

We covered all the bases to see if we are true

We aced every check point, soul mates … me and you

 But she refuses to cheat on him

Told me she would never give into a whim

So I needed to make sure she knew it was forever

And I was clever, so clever

Quit my job, bought her a ring

Hired some dudes to sing

Went on one knee and she said No to me

I snapped, after which I haven’t seen her beauty

And she refuses to take my calls

With each denial, my mind slowly falls

It was his birthday, and as colleagues she deemed it ok

Gave him three kisses, then he wanted a hug … it started that day

She gave him a hug, she held him for a minute or so

Once she felt it was done, he wouldn’t let go

He sniffed her hair, he hugged her tight

He whispered “this just feels right”

They were cool, throughout their days at work

No one knew that inside him a madman could lurk

They spoke about stuff inane

But after that hug, they were never the same

She held him

Her mistake, now he will not stop until she breaks

He will do all it takes

All because she held him

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