Let’s do it my way

Vino … What … Peace

Have you ever seen me perform, have you ever heard my words

The way I speak my dialect my slang my slurs

If you did how can you still say goodbye to wordsmith such as me

The brutality of my words, the viciousness of my sentences the illness of my stories

I have given you my defeats, my downfalls as well as my glory and my victories

I have shed words of brilliance, I have spent a wealth of pain

All so that you would remember my name when I would be gone

But your attitude towards my departure proves I was wrong

And I am your poet’s poet, the one who constantly tries to reach higher

The one who when you give him a compliment he calls you a liar

I am him, the validation that when you stick with something you can achieve anything

I’m living proof brother

Vino … What … Peace

I have placed my feet in the puddle of despair and lost my shoes there

I am now barefooted in the dark and not a soul that cares

I have walked hand in hand with suicide

Every bit of compassion in me died

Love has left, and left me a note saying this

You should have never trusted that bitch

Loneliness has its finger on my brain and refuses to remove it

I have a box of happy thoughts, but where I placed it … that I tend to forget

Light flickers but more to tease than anything else

There aren’t enough tears I can shed if I would show pity to myself

Vino … what … Peace

You actually think that I would leave and accept such simple goodbye

This is the thank you I get for making you laugh for making you cry

For creating fantasies that you can live in

This is what you give me … nothing

No tears, no hugs, no letters not even an email

If this was a test of our friendship than you simple fail

And I had faith in you audience

You always treated my work with patience

And admiration and clapped without any hesitation

That was all a lie wasn’t it

You lying son of a …

Vino … What … Peace

When you describe me say the word ill

When they ask how I write say he kills

When I step to dudes they lose blather control

You can ice skate where I walked I’m that cold

I don’t really give a fuck you can call me a virgin

I’m store bought yall that downloaded version

Rap made being stupid look coo

But now thanks to me, being a poet is coo too

Vino … What … Peace

I’m never cocky enough to take credit for stuff I didn’t do

I am where I am thanks to the Spoken Notes crew

That’s the dj, the cameras every poet and you

So without any nonsense added thank you

For coming on stage with nothing but a promise that you can share your poetry

For blessing us with your thoughts, your feelings and your reality

The bravery it takes to take this stage

And convey to us what you wrote down on a page

Is nothing less than awesome

They say poetry isn’t for some

We proved them wrong

We will take our spot, it’s been too long

But in my own words, one up one piece one holla one boo

The bullshit I talk simply wont cease

So to summarize it all up, I

Vino … Say … Peace

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