Learning Process

To miserably fail is to greatly succeed

Warning aren’t always meant to heed

Falling is needed for us to rise

Experience isn’t given to one who never tries

Thinking should be applied as one moves along

Standing still to contemplate to me is wrong

Overthinking will prohibit action

For fire we need friction

And for the flame of passion to ignite

We need a clear goal in our sight

But to stand there longer than needed

Is how fools are created

We learn from our mistakes

An idiot is someone, who gains nothing from the errors he makes

Trust and believe in one’s self are the tools of greatness

But these tools should at times be kept as secrets

Wanting to move rubs those wanting to wait bad

Walking or running simply gets them mad

I for one understand that you learn as you move along

And theory and thinking however valuable could never be as strong

Cause shedding blood on the field with the courage to never yield

Is a guaranteed not make the same mistake shield

The cowards, who strategize, feel safe as they gaze from the side

For success will often leave common sense defied

I learned by trial and error, I learned by falling down

With nothing more than perseverance and motivation around

Life is a learning process, while you plan it, it moves you by

I for one find it stupid to stand still if I could fly

When I die tell everyone he lived by his heart

And he never let possible problems prevent him to start

He learned as he lived and he lived to learn

Now he can rest for after death there is nothing more to learn

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