People have this idea that you can only be happy in a relationship

As if your life is meant to be spent with somebody else

And if you have failed to find that person, you have failed in life itself

Dismissing the idea of growing on your own and being whole alone

Two parts don’t always make one,

and love isn’t always eternal even with “the one”

Delusions about relationships solving loneliness are running rampant

People want to have someone around so they don’t have to be alone

It has nothing to do with the core values a relationship should be based on

I actually heard someone say, “I’m just with them for this period in my life.”

Rendering their partner mere “company” they can leave on a whim

Why are we congratulating people on finding a partner?

As if it is an accomplishment worth praising

As if we are so inherently flawed that finding someone to love us is a feat

We are creating a system where being alone is seen as sad

As if being single is a disease you might want to fix

But what if I don’t want company for just this period in my life?

What if I am actually okay with being alone

and don’t just want someone around me?

What if I want someone around me who actually adds value to my life?

And people have these fantastic, amazing, miraculous theories about love

How having a partner will help you achieve your dreams,

make you feel better about yourself

Building a future worth living in, making love instead of sex and having someone there for you

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but all of that just isn’t true

Romanticizing love has led to the downfall of many possibly great relationships

People love to think that love will make one stop being human

and remove all flaws

I am single because I have found that people want to be with me for reasons that have nothing to do with me;

I am sorry but I am not just a cure for feeling lonely

For me a relationship is a commitment

I have found most aren’t able to live up to

The previous ones who tried

showed me that love doesn’t protect you from reality

And people can still do the most horrible things

and tell you they love you afterwards

I am sorry, but I am single until I can find one

who can convince me they are different

The screening process has proven to be too difficult for some

But I don’t care; I would rather stay single and happy

Than be in a relationship just so I have someone waiting for me

Love’s meaning has been twisted into having company

I am okay with being single

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