I never told you

Never had a conversation, everything is in the air

Through the years lost the ability to care

Your absence was a presence that was always there

Valuable lessons taught, life just isn’t fair

But just in case my words pull through and reach you, here is what I never told you

My childhood was messed up, spent most of it afraid

Blocked some parts, some memories should’ve never been made

Was never an A student, a C at best

I was an indoor geek, never put the joy pad to rest

A nerd that tried to fit in, so I played the part

Desperate to be accepted, such a fragile heart

Then started the ego I decided to let grow

Became a rapper, with let’s say an unique flow

Found a group we did some stuff

We grew up, we broke up

I was held back one year, after that everything became clear

This will never have a repeat, a lesson bitter sweet

I finished school and high school, graduated from 2 universities

1 year America, 6 months New Zealand, 2 bachelor degrees

2 books thus far but I’m going for 10 before I hit 33

I’m also a full blown poet and guess what people actually like me

Running a few business and they are doing pretty well

Vino Venitas, Spoken Notes in between a few sneakers I sell

Planning on going for my masters figured what the hell

And there is so much more that I could tell

Just know: I never give up and failure is never an option

I have full confidence and blind faith in myself, weakness I give no attention

I did and got all this without you so here is what I’ve always wanted to say but I never told you


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