Finding Pleasure in Pain

Secret wishes of kisses blown to an unknown cheek

My knees feel weak as my heart tries to speak

Her gesture pisses but misses the core of my emotions

My devotion to her motion runs deeper than seven oceans

As the fine thread of time runs through my mind I glance her way

One day I will play the scene of everything I have to say

Every line will leave behind a hint of what I truly mean

We are an unseen dream the perfect double team

As another man puts his hand on her sweet physic

I feel heat throughout my veins and the call of the street

I would and I can drop the body if this man to the sidewalk

Let police bring chalk after I let my fists talk

I hate that fate has given him what is for me

I go crazy cause lately I can sense insanity

Can’t wait, its already too late they might share love

The way he wears that glove is what I show resentment off

He has money and my honey but doesn’t deserve it

I should spit and let it hit the inside of his upper lip

My day would be sunny cause my honey would not kiss that bum

I would hum a tune of rum like a vagrant who has found one in is slum

Happy beyond belief to find such a relief can be given to myself

Like I would have found and elf or obtained the world’s wealth

But such moments are brief cause time is a thief set on my joy

So it will deploy a certain decoy leaving me defenseless like a just beat boy

But all these are just words and will never ever meet reality

I mean how could it … I’m in love with a woman I only know from TV

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