They visited his parents’ house, his first apartment his current house

Then spoke with his first girl, his first wife his current spouse

Took pictures of the houses, the schools the family

Talked with his friends, his fans and his one enemy

Collected interviews, photo shoots some old video clips

A stack of albums, features and of course his hits

Documented his trials, his parties and media controversy

Got the footage, the score ready to make a movie

Arranged the scenes the music and interview questions

Divided between his words, other peoples words everything in sections

He directed, shot it and wrote the script

He will edit then render his own bio flick

Took care of the outfits, the lights and of course the places

This movie will dazzle and amaze, of the look on their faces

There were no actors, no lies nothing more than the truth

Went into his drug abuse, and rituals before going into a booth

He went from weed to cocaine then ended up with speed

According to him that’s progress, that’s growth, something we all need

Heard his own dumb remarks, his ignorance oh he was shook

Realized his faults, his mistakes all the wrong he’s done

Looked for good people, honest friends, but he had none

His circle was barren, empty, absolutely desolate

Yet it was filled with liars, drug dealers, and men with yes on their lip

But this movie was raw, it was real everything was true

Called him a junkie an addict told him we’re worried about you

Too high too self-absorbed to listen to it the first time

Heard it too often, too many times to pay it no mind

The final cut was done, it was finished, it never got released

He was too ashamed, too embarrassed but his behavior ceased

He doesn’t shoot, he doesn’t smoke drinking got stopped too

Its cause he’s dead, he overdosed, so it’s kind of hard to

A final hit before he quit felt like he needed it

Since it was his last, he wanted a blast, guess he overdid it

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