Consciousness gone, his body twitching

Teary eyed but her knuckles itching

Her fists drip blood, his eyes turned back

Where she saw red all he saw was black

Stunned by her acts all she could do was stare

This made it seem as if she didn’t care

But it was for the best, she loved him more than anything

But the current situation, was simply heartbreaking

It started with a tap, forcing him to put it back

Discipline is the strongest without the lack of slack

Words seemed useless one ear in the other out

Making it look stupid to scream or shout

Time out was laughed at, gave no value to things

Taking away his stuff, became simply insulting

Then came a to do list from absurd to nasty

But then he just started planning his day accordingly

And smiled when he did them, defeating its purpose

Didn’t see it as punishment more like a household service

It seemed that a tap worked best a belt even better

Physical punishment made him listen to her

From a top to a belt, a belt to a ladle

Break his mischievous character she just wasn’t able

From a ladle to slipper, slippers to a branch that did more than pinch

Had to switch her tool once he no longer flinched

His deeds grew in scale, trying to find his limit

Increased in danger and he seemed to love it

Took the punishment in stride and planned the next one

Uncaring what she inflicted, he saw it as fun

As the years passed, his body grew stronger

He could now take more hits, and hold out longer

Which meant she had to up her power, and number of hits

Had to bring her own hands back into this

Not old enough to drive, but more than tall enough to see

So going for a joyride became rather easy

Due to lack of experience, didn’t know how to react

His first real offense just became a fact

A six year old hit by a car that was speeding

Hospitalized in a coma with internal bleeding

Cops brought him home told the mother the story

Combined her discipline with her going crazy

Struck him until his screams went silent, an inch away from death

To ensure this won’t happen again as long as he draws breath

Her tears steady rolling as her mind goes back

She remembers how it all started with that tap

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