Dream a little dream of me

They sit in their respective chairs

And as the conversations dares

To go into a place where one feels alone

His counterparty strikes a chord shabby sewn

Easily unraveled but covered by dirt and gravel

As his feelings tell him this is eve’s apple

So at this thought, he does naught but glare

Until it becomes too much, to where

Marc screams “leave me be, Anthony”

“I’m not like you, you’re driving me crazy”

Anthony calmly replies “take it easy”

“I’m not here to judge, I’m trustworthy”

“Confine in me your secrets or fears”

“I will be there with you through screams and tears”

It took time and effort to create it

An atmosphere where trust is gold plated

But only between the two now sitting

Their silence shattering yet nerve hitting

Everyone knew except for Marc

Those days reading a book, sitting in the park

Going to play’s, singing along with musicals

None of them wrong, yet all state variables

Which are counted along, with those who are gay

That last word is the cause of this disarray

Marc is unaware of his tendencies

And doesn’t seem to acknowledge his inabilities

Hasn’t has sex with a girl in ages

Has filled countless diary pages

Has mood swings which he himself can’t explain

Does things to inflict himself mental pain

A tormented soul, not able to see the cause

So Anthony telling him the truth is a pause

A stop, or a break in his fantasy of heterosexuality

And even though he knows it, unwilling to accept reality

So his frustration becomes irritation

Which leads to a shocking revelation

As is rage takes on its fever pitch

He screams with all his might “YOU BITCH”

He wakes up, due to his pillow being too wet

“What the FUCK” he whispers as he’s covered in sweat

A dream unlike any other he’s had

His blood still boils, yes he is still mad

Anthony died two weeks ago from AIDS

He received it at a gay techno rave

And now Marc is supposed to follow the same road

His mind is opposed to this guilt filled load

Of becoming gay to honor his friend

To be true to himself is just not meant

And so a new killer is born and rape his method

It’s so dangerous to keep your true self in the closet

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