Dont listen

Let those tears flow, release them into the world; let your fears go

The wings your future will fly in on are missing more than a few feathers

But perfect is nothing more than an illusion

created by a society trying to hide its own flaws

Run till you feel you can catch the light

that is hiding behind the curtain of insecurity

Appreciate the glass for being there instead of looking to see if it’s empty

Let the words slide off your skin and smile as they are flung at you

You decide your worth and you place each step towards your dreams

No one can walk for you or decide your path

See the curves as they come and take it slow

Cry as the sun goes down on dreams you weren’t able to uphold through time

Smile at the chances that lie in the possibilities of your yet incomplete mind

Grow into who you feel you need to be

Do what you can and let them call you crazy

Let them tell you that you need to look for comfort

Let them whisper the things that could go wrong, and how you could get hurt

But you, you can abandon your tears onto your cheek

As long as you keep walking on this dusty and empty road

Let those dark clouds sleep in the middle of a sky that’s breaking

Know that I am proud of each step you’re taking

Know that the future that hides behind that horizon

isn’t as scary as they make it out to be

Each small inch you move forward is going towards a down payment

on how you want it to be

Kiss the scars you gain along the way, for they will decorate a beautiful corpse that lived a life only a few dare dream of

If you fall, grab a hold of the ground,

for it will be there to catch you every single time

Hands to pick you up will not carry that same guarantee

So treat the ground with the same respect it treats you with

For who would love you the same way failing does?

Life is nothing more than an extending moment

in which you are allowed to learn

Learn how to move forward, learn how to appreciate the steps you’ve taken

Learn how to cry for things you’ve lost

and smile at things yet to be put on your path

Run where you can run, walk where you can walk

But make sure you never look away from the lines that decorate your road

It’s scary, it’s terrifying, it’s heart-wrenching, it’s enough to break your soul

The unknown has always hidden itself behind fear

But you are strong enough to punch through walls

You can ignore those signs of comfort when they start to catcall

I believe in you because you have shown me that you can do it

Drop your tears, throw away your fears, but never let go of yourself

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do

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