My soul has withered it slowly slithered to where hope has littered

All those that glittered once so bright but are now embittered

Lost in Time

As I unwind I slowly find that my mind

Unwillingly signed my soul to walk a line consisting of slime

I started so brave attention I would crave

Even though a slave to the corner and pave

I received my praise considered a phase

Proved them wrong but now it’s all a daze

It went too fast

A hit man to call upon when all went wrong

My presence is strong in a situation unfair for so long

Eliminating the wicked my goal

Strike fear into their hearts and soul

I was misunderstood

No longer rejected I’m fully accepted

And as expected my wrong side was intercepted

Seen as a hype to be done by the masses

Lost my wicked touch now look through pink glasses

I’ve lost my way

Used to attack senators, politicians even presidents

And in worst case scenarios even local residents

A vigilante for the people by the people a special technique

For those who wouldn’t listen would still hear me speak

Old memories

Now I kill for jewels money and cars

No longer a monger I hang with pop stars

I now swing with my cousin on a daily basis

His blues keeps me grounded within an oasis

I can’t escape

Those with a passion for the old ages

Still scribble names within their pages

Then send me the notes to liquidate them all

But their money isn’t sufficient to make that call

I’m losing status

Used to be a beast which saw lies as a feast

But that has now ceased as the truth has decreased

Its power and strength it has slowly been pieced

To bullshitters as a new me has been released

I’ve become what I hate

Rap and RnB are both within me

Rappers are common but rare is the mc

My message is lost among a million voices

Bunch of weaklings making easy choices

I am Hip Hop

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