After you left

It was the silence that let me know you were gone

It were the raindrops on the window that I heard for the first time

It was the TV show that I watched without you interrupting me

The bedroom door I closed all the way, because I had no need for light

The pillows didn’t seem themselves as their fragrance was ripped from them

Or maybe it was my tear soaked pillow that let me know

I didn’t know where it came from, but it hit me

I took you for granted, and I never truly missed you

Because you were always there, even if you weren’t next to me

I did the dishes out of a habit born from prevention

Outside was cold, inside was freezing

The world without you is exactly the same

Except for the fact that everything seems grey

There is no sunshine, there is no absolute

There is only what it is and what was before you left me

I now sit in the dark watching a tv that isn’t on

I wait for your call, but you never think of me

I call you but you don’t pick up

I want to say I’m sorry, but it feels like you won’t listen to me

I hope one day you can forgive

I hope one day you will see that how much it hurts

All the time I have for myself seems empty

I miss you

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