There is something I have to say

Her kiss feels like a bliss on a cheek strung out by stress

My tongue glides down her neck while my mind says “confess”

Screams in my head of possibilities that could come

Every scenario boils down to the same one

But her body feels so soft, gentle and tempting

With every touch, I can hear her body silently calling

I don’t know why but this foreplay feels new

My integrity is about to cry this is wrong to do

But making love to her is an emotion on its own

Boredom should never occur I can’t leave her alone

We have unprotected sex all the time

I mean we trust one another so its fine

After a year and a half, you deserve a treat

Taking the condom out the relationship was sweet

And oh how I became addicted the feeling of her flesh against mine

I could have predicted that from then on sex would be on my mind

But I don’t know if doing this now would be the right thing

But I’m hard as fuck all I want is to put it in

The thong is already to the side all I have to do is slide

But that phone call keeps repeating inside my head

I just can’t let go of those words she said

“I’ve been tested for H.I.V. and the results came back”

“I’ve got aids … I just needed to tell you that”

I tried to brush it off like that shit happened after me

There is no way shorty could have had aids while fucking me

I mean it was a one night stand 6 months ago

Didn’t mean anything so I didn’t feel the need to let wifey know

I mean infidelity is only that when you mean it or plan it

I was drunk but the condom did slide off my tip

Nah fuck it, why lie to myself I didn’t have that on

But if I tell her NOW everything will go wrong

She will now I cheated and might have aids too

But there is a chance I’m not infected … what do I do

I mean if I am infected I have probably been so for a hot second

So if I don’t say it … now … might as well fuck that’s how I reckon

But no it’s wrong treating the girl I love this way

Ima man so now let me act that way

Let me take the hard road she might leave she might stay

I know she will bring hell up but man that’s ok

“Uhm baby we have to stop.

Look there is something I have to say”

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