The Line Art of Mainty


In our exciting journey of developing an endless runner game, we are thrilled to unveil the line art for our main male character, Mainty. Mainty brings life and personality to the game, and we’re eager to showcase his unique design. In this blog post, we’ll provide an exclusive first look at Mainty’s line art, highlighting his key features and giving you a glimpse into the development process.

Character Design and Concept:

Creating a captivating and relatable main character is crucial for any game, and Mainty is no exception. We wanted Mainty to exude a sense of energy, determination, and adventure, embodying the spirit of our endless runner game. To achieve this, we collaborated with talented artists and concept designers to refine Mainty’s appearance.

Description of Mainty’s Line Art:

Mainty is a young and agile character with a distinctive style. His line art showcases a balance between sleekness and a playful edge. Here’s a breakdown of his key features:

1. Silhouette: Mainty possesses a dynamic silhouette that instantly catches the eye. His body proportions are carefully crafted to emphasize his athleticism, ensuring that players connect with his movements during gameplay.

2. Facial Expressions: Mainty’s face exhibits a wide range of expressions, allowing players to empathize with his emotions. From determination during intense moments to a mischievous grin when collecting power-ups, his expressions enrich the gameplay experience.

3. Outfit and Accessories: Mainty’s attire is a fusion of modern and futuristic elements. His outfit consists of form-fitting athletic wear that allows for maximum mobility, along with high-tech accessories that enhance his abilities as he progresses in the game.

4. Hairstyle: Mainty’s hairstyle further adds to his charismatic presence. With a combination of dynamic lines and a touch of creativity, his hair symbolizes his energetic nature.

Behind the Scenes: Development Process:

Developing Mainty’s line art involved a collaborative process between our concept artists, character designers, and game developers. We began with rough sketches and explored various iterations until we found the perfect balance between style and functionality. Throughout the process, we considered factors such as animation requirements, technical limitations, and the overall visual consistency within the game’s world.


Mainty, our main male character, is ready to take on the endless runner game world with his compelling line art. We hope this exclusive first look at Mainty’s design has piqued your interest and left you eager to see more of our game’s development. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to bring Mainty and the rest of the game to life.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey, and we look forward to sharing more about our endless runner game in the near future.

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