See for yourself

I am in this city where lies have been stacked upon each other

till they reach the sky

The fumes from passing cars must have affected my senses

and rendered me high

Because I swear to you, I can see pigs fly

I came here from this small town called “Other People’s Experiences”

The mayor was a nice man called “Prejudices”

Always warned me of the dangers that sleep in the big cities

At times it felt as if he really hated the metropolis called “Possibilities”

But my parents enjoyed having him over for lunch

We always had this dish called “I know better” with a side of “listen to me”

I have always found the aftertaste of those two pretty nasty

After which we would watch their favourite TV show, “Dreams Are for Kids”

I never got that show, but adults really seemed to love it

From time to time we would go shopping on “Comfortable Street”

But you needed this card of “employment” to go into the street

And preferably you would have got your parents’ approval to do so

After about twenty years of living there, I figured it was time to go

I got on this train at our only station called “It’s Going to Be Scary”

The first stop was “Independence” and at first I was somewhat happy

But then I had to stay there for a while to get a stamp on my ticket

I found out later that only those who travel alone get it

During my time in “Independence” a lot went wrong

I went from sleeping on “Broke Ave” to having dinner

in this cute little diner called “Stay Strong”

But living alone taught me that my “employment” card

wasn’t only for “Comfortable Street”

It was to put food on the table and make sure my apartment had heat

But this card required so much time that I was unable to go to the next station

I almost used my “safety” credit card to take a taxi back home

but then I met my friend “Motivation”

He told me that if I stay here too long I will get my “Dreamless” members’ card

That was enough for me to move out,

get my stamp and take the train to “It’s Going to Be Hard”

But that was just a quick pit stop before reaching “Growing Up”

And now that I’m here, I have to admit that this is my least favourite city

Dishonesty is the language they speak here, manipulation is their currency

“Don’t Want to Be Lonely Blvd” seems to be the place to be

But from here I can take this plane to the city called “Possibilities”

I have to deposit my “dreams” and borrow from the “Drive” bank

to pay for the transportation fees

But once I get there, it will all be worth it

Until I can say I live in the city of “Possibilities” my journey can’t end

I have to see it for myself

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