Never ending Story

Like flames it licks every inch of my frame

My darkness has grown it now chants my name

Alluring, its sweet nothingness is beckoning

The restraints within the abyss are less than nothing

The shackles of reality will kiss the floor

Wings of dark feathers will let me soar

Forced will be a term banned by greed

Be able to plug the holes from which I bleed

Let out every bit of pain I have bottled behind glass

Release a secret with each milestone I pass

Until an open floor with every dark thought is created

Until a voice is given to all the words I have never stated

Suicide will convince hope it’s useless

Rage will scream at love it’s hopeless

Pain will whisper to tears to let go

And in this stream my mind will simply go with the flow

Break down the walls that hold back the dark

Welcome the flood with open arms my body will become a mark

For everything I have repressed for the things in life that I regret

I will dive headfirst into the pool of despair

And simply hold my breath until someone comes who cares

I will let my skin be burned away until my nerves show

I will extinguish all my lights till not even the stars glow

Pound on the chambers of my heart

Dig my fingernails in and rip it apart

For the Band-Aids placed over the cracks never worked

Succumb to the darkness at least then it won’t hurt

Try as I might the darkness resides in me

It’s the source of my insanity as well as my creativity

A never ending story for this is all me … crazy

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