It wasn’t you

Kisses on places soft and wet

Music gliding to the air the mood is set

Every move gentle and thoughtful

Your physic looks fragile so I’m careful

Every curve withholds perfection

The air itself whispers take some action

Slowly but surely remove ya brassier

ya body shivers as I slowly come near

Put the cd on and remove ya thong

As the background sings, let’s get it on

Careful not to hurt you but oh I wanna … you

As you bite ya lip I start doing what I do

Slow then fast, fast then slow

If I hit the spot your moans will let me know

Make you scream is all that is on my mind

It’s a dream as we climax at the same time


Sleep creeps and slowly starts to set in

As my eye falls on you I notice one thing

But my intoxication stops me from placing

That piece of the puzzle as I enter hesitation

Something here does not seem in place

As I squint my eyes and gaze at your face

Feeling in my stomach making me feel real shady

But the liquor keeps telling me just let it be

Just enjoy the evening take it for what it is

Don’t be suspicious take it for what it is

But the condom went off and I did not stop

Damn … why didn’t I stop

I’m always strict with the condom wifey or not

Cause who knows what kind of VD she may have got

So wifey or not condom stays on

But the liquor in me made it all go wrong

As the same liquor tells me don’t think too deep

I close my eyes and fall into a coma like sleep

Wake up fucked up

Hangover popped up

Eyesight all blurry

Feels like I gotta hurry

Grab my clothes put em on

Something feels wrong

Empty bed … can’t be

Memory tells me

Sex the night before

And I hit it raw

Bend my head then smile

Been doing this for a while

We deserve a little treat

Pure sex is sweet

Lift my head back up

Whisper what the fuck

Flashes of the club now flash before me

a lotta liquor and a fine looking ass shorty

I love my girl and you know this to be true

But how can I tell her baby I cheated on you

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