How to read between the lines

Nothing is wrong

Bullshit, there is always something wrong

Yeah I’m good

Bullshit, it’s never good

We’ll do whatever you want to do

Bullshit, if we don’t pick what you like than “nothing is wrong”

Yeah, I miss you too

Bullshit, can’t you see I’m busy

No, No it looks delicious

Bullshit, learn how to cook a meal that I’ll eat

Yeah come over let’s watch a movie

Bullshit, I’m horny I’m thinking you are too

Want a massage?

Come on, if you don’t get this one stop reading right now

You look good today

Bullshit, I did something or want something

My phone was in the other room

Bullshit I just didn’t want to talk to you

I did not have sex with her

Bullshit, I fucked her brains out, and liked it too

I had sex with like 5 people

If you’re over 25 that’s bullshit bullshit bullshit

I could go on but you get the gist of it

And yet you will probably ignore all of it

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