It’s that time so let me turn off the light

It’s finally that time it’s finally night

As I turn on my PC and wait for the screen to flicker

The mood is romantic even though it’s me my screen and my snicker

As I take a bite and wait

I look at the time it’s 00:15 she is late

As my mind starts to wonder and I conjure possible reasons for her to be absent

While I do this I go into my mailbox to look at emails that I sent

I check the time in my last email to see what time I said that I would be on

00:00 I start to get mad but only because I don’t know what’s wrong

But then the sounds that I’ve grown to love pops up

It’s “that” screen name “when will my true love show up”

It’s her … I smile to myself as I sent her a digital kiss and ask what’s wrong

She says “nothing” and says “sorry I took so long”

She explains to me that the man she lives with wouldn’t let her get online

Because he was worried that their relationship wasn’t going that fine

He wanted to talk to her and see if she was cheating on him

Not knowing that if you could count MSN in, she was cheating on him

It still hurts me to know that the lady that I want, is with someone else

Knowing that I love her yet she kisses someone else

But I can comfort myself that I know that she feels the same

Cause from time to time you can see my name in her screen name

The deep intimate conversations the late night talks the kisses when we leave

Even that one telephone conversation

When I just fell in love with the way she breaths

The shy way she talks around it when I ask to see her in real live

The subtle pain I feel when she tells me she is some else’s wife

The troubles she goes through I am the first to hear em all

She told me she works in a store but refuses to tell me in which mall

I make corny jokes to get a lol or a lmao

And try to stay away from the smh and the wtf and the Hell No

My friend tells me it’s wrong to fall like this for one I’ve never seen

But he doesn’t know that our love is like a divine dream

I keep hoping that what she says is true with all my heart

Cause when we met in the chat room it was love at first words right from the start

Is it not better to fall for one you only know from the inside

And love her for her mind

Cause now I want more than just sex I want her to love me with her mind

The picture she sent me is my background pic

I would give her the world and offer her to comfort her whenever she is sick

But now it’s 2:00 in the morning time to go to sleep

We agree on our next time to secretly meet

Her man can’t know that what we do

Didn’t know that Internet love could be considered infidelity to

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