I sneak in a glance or two hoping she won’t catch me

I listen to her voice it’s sweet yet sexy

Watch her walk past me, imagine her when I’m alone

She would make any place a happy home

Her cute bottom lip simply asking for a bite

Her fragrance makes a hard day seem right

Her curves elegant, her stroll controls me

Hypnotized no mesmerized by her silent beauty

I daydream about dates, I conjure up conversations

Yet I’m too scared to actually start up a conversation

Her hair gold brown, her skin a perfect tone

My stomach turns when she stands close, I get shivers down my bones

I want to have her, hold her, kiss her, adore her

Treat her like she wants to be treated, if it could only occur

I would walk hand in hand through Disney land

Make her smile with all the silly stuff I have planned

I want to watch her sleep and hope she dreams of me

I want to stare into her eyes without her thinking Im crazy

Crave her attention, yet I keep my cool

For I wish to impress and not look like a fool

If I asked her out to drink

Would she say yes, what do you think?

Wine and dine her, intimate talks over the phone

I bet she could crack my heart of stone

Her smile makes me happy, her laugh lights me up

I’m in between a crush and in love Yup I’m stuck

I wish to enjoy it to the fullest, let her dance in my dreams

Have her become the star of all my fantasy scenes

Did I mention her eyes, her cute button nose, her hands no her face

Did I mention any of these

I think I have a real crush

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