They lied to me

They say success comes from school

He wears a tailor fitted suit, yup success looks cool

Study enough and that can be you someday

Money comes to those with a degree that’s what they say

And success has it all

3 cars 2 houses 1 yacht yes success has a ball

Success can never be found on the street

Watch his every move because success rarely speaks

Success has a Rolex, a Breitling and LV shades

His little brother crime’s a bum so he never pays

But success got his bachelors and right after school

He got a job based on his degree yup success looks cool

After a few years he went to get his masters degree

Now success was able to make some big money

Success looked even better so he decided on a PhD

Because success becomes better the more you study

That is what they told me

School equals degree, degree equals success, success equals happiness, happiness equals the best

The best you can offer, the best you can get

But there is one simple thing they often forget

And that is reality

A bachelor’s degree is worthless without experience

Experience is tasteless without your masters of science

And even with both luck needs to be on your side

But the world tends to make sure that your luck already died

They told me finish school and you’ll definitely meet success

To the question of my happiness they screamed out YES

Society lied to me success is met with perseverance and skill

Not some silly paper … believe them … never again I will

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