There’s nothing wrong with me; there’s something wrong with you

Illustrious thoughts guided by fingers of elegance

Anger released on paper set free by a slipping patience

Rage full glances at people in his surrounding

A scorn outcast … fitting in a dream he once pursued but now stopped trying

His eyes show hatred for his peers

Listening to the background of his voice is the only time you can see his tears

He feels lost a devil among angels a shark among fish

Placed between junk food as the only haute cuisine dish

So as he sits alone writing words only he alone will understand

He acts as if his solitude is planned

His aura is beaming confidence of being alone

While his eyes tell tales of him wanting to do wrong

But his thin line of morals the tale of whispering voices telling him what to do

Makes him part of this “family” … makes him just like me and you

His sudden shocks of the body are a result of his tests

And his constant shaking may come from him refusing himself rest

They told him he is crazy … multiple personalities … schizophrenic

Said he knew nothing of the dead bodies or the bomb found at the clinic

Said the blood on his jacket came from having a fight with a dog which he shot

Said the reason he wore a raincoat with nothing under it was because he was hot

But the hair found on the crime and the fingerprints on the bomb said otherwise

The DNA tests on the blood matched the victims so again no truth in those lies

But the raincoat thing that was just something he loved to do

After switching personalities the most sensible reason was “I did it for you”

The lie detector showed he believed in his own words no lies were told

But after switching again and again the truth did unfold

While most characters were mild mannered and kind

There was this one who barely showed his presence barely showed his mind

But he was the reason he mutilated all those people

Anger triggered him and HIS moral line was thin his patience feeble

With a knife at hand, he cut open their torso from neck to navel button

He ripped out their hearts and ate them believing he was the sin … glutton

He tapped their blood and with a needle put it in himself

Thus constantly adding new minds within himself

Now he is 25 strong, but only 5 show up to take their time

1 represents his solitude 2 keeps assuring himself everything is all fine

3 handles the problems with other people and keeps contact and stays cool

4 is the original mind which is the funny one which is the fool

5 is the murderous one 5 is the one which is crazy

He doesn’t believe any of this…he keeps screaming “it’s bullshit you’re telling me”

But should I tell him what I know should I tell him who I am

Yes I should but I’m scared of the reaction of this man

But nonetheless let me do it so “Damian can I tell you something”

*his eyes blow up as he becomes the normal one*

I must continue on so Damian what they said was true

I bet you wonder how I know this because man

You’re writing my words man I am you

But there is nothing wrong with me but trust me

There is something wrong with you

Because now you may add a new person in your head

I am the honest one I’m the one which is true

I represent your sanity I represent your goodness

I’ll take over most of the time to get us out of here they will believe my goodness

Since I am the normal one let me do it all

Trust me I’m the normal one remember I won’t let you fall

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