The Best of me

She always brought out the best of me

Even the fact that we loved the same scenery

It was here that we sat and stared at the sun set

It was as good as a moment could get

We whispered about futures we would meet hand in hand

She told me about the little things she wanted but didnt want to demand

We kissed after each promise was made

We looked at the sky, as the sunlight decided to fade

We had old quotes from movies we watched between us

Each line had an inside joke attached, at times the reference alone was enough

We confessed to little secrets we kept in the dark

We kissed after each promise, cupid truly hit his mark

This was the first of many, a night that blanketed us under the stars

No noise of the city, no screeching of cars

We were truly in love, a bond that could never be denied

The chances of other lovers simple died

But life decided to tear us apart

But our promises were stitched into our hearts

No matter the time, the years that passed

Our love would stand firm, regardless of the distance with which it had to clash

But the seconds, turned to days, days turned to weeks

Weeks turned to months, and with every month less and less we would speak

Phone conversations, felt less intimate with each new dial

With every month that passes, the details started to fade as I recalled her smile

After awhile, the words we shared faded away, into a memory not found

Now I looked and continued on when she called, cupid was no longer around

Urges overtook me, I lost my way in someone else

But love has a way to make you doubt yourself

After awhile my friend died, and I found my way back to the pier

Forgotten whispers came to me, their voice crystal clear

And then behind me, she stood there, with eyes in tears

It was a mix of love, pain and emotional fears

But no words were said, not a line was spoken

We stood across from each other, as if the space between us was broken

But love healed it back up, as we both took the first step forward

Ended up running and we kissed as soon as we were close enough to do it

Old promises felt new, the time in between felt old

It was love, true love, a story always told

So now we stand here smiling, staring into a life forgotten by both of us

The world is once again ours, we have once again become us

She always brings out the best of me


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