Tell the damn news

Today a man got shot

Yesterday a vial of disease was dropped

Tomorrow a bomb will detonate

And right now a country is filled with hate

She was thrown of the balcony left in a comatose state

He went to the church and was violently raped

Terrorists are planning something new

And your neighbor is probably trying to kill you

Movie stars are important, Muslims are bad

Black people dying isn’t important enough to report

But today a prime minister got mad

Fear instilled through words spoken

Make believe of a society broken

Lies portrayed as the truth, a sacred system they cover

Written by fingers tainted with greed but the public loves it

A lone soldier seen as a rebel without a cause

Unaware of recent events, realization is met with a pause

To refrain is to maim your social inclusion

But their lies are nothing but a horrid intrusion

Into my capabilities to define reality as I deem fit

To blindly follow words, is something I cannot get along with

So tell the damn news their efforts have been forfeit

No longer will I sit by idly, that role I quit

I declare war on words without the truth behind it

I will banish images that are framed by lies and bullshit

Negativity runs rampant, conditioning our mind

Positivity put to sleep … on a trip, and honestly … left behind

Information should be given on a free channel with sources to verify

With shackles of ignorance our minds will never fly

I for one would rather die

Tell the damn news: Enough

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