Tales of Grimm Part 1

An eerie wind blows through the hallways of Simabyss castle

All six gods of the realm gather to hold a meeting turned hassle

Sitting around a round table made of bones of those passed

Held together by their spirits never has death been so amassed

But this image of doom has not once created a gloom

Among those who created it under the sun or the moon

They argue among one another to who is the best of kings

Rage in their voice, behind their screams a demon sings

Tales of pain which has never been given a name

Each god has the same job but none is the same

Xaxier the oldest of the six has delivered death since the dawn of time

Eralche obsessed with his profession has nothing but that on his mind

Divith who sees his actions as depictions of art and beauty

Camhian who enjoys maiming torture his best virtue is insanity

Dryllan takes those in deep sleep as to leave them as they are

Sytace shares Dryllans compassion but will leave at least one scar

They now sit in one room at one table and all want the title of best

This discussion has been done several times Xaxier now wants it to rest

Heated words fly from mouth to ear raging replies scatter just to not be heard

Glances filled with resentment as most sentences seem absurd

All of them hold their scythe close as distrust fills the place

Hoods over domes ensure the fact that none will see their face

Xaxier as the oldest demands the most respect so as he stand up silence fall on them

He then whispers with a voice only death can hold: “your reason let me hear them”

He means why they would consider them the best bringer of sleep

Eralche is the first to stand and speaks with a voice which is nothing if not steep

“Death sleeps in those without sanity, he walks with gods as well as with mortals”

“The sheer joy of giving that which is deadly fills me, I am deaths main portal”

Camhian stands next and says: “a slow death is a good death”

“I am the expert in drawing out and keeping in one’s last breath”

Divith rises up and whispers: “death is a thing of beauty”

“I take pride in delivering art even if it’s my duty”

Sytace speaks sitting down and says in a tone with no emotion:

“A scar to reinsure my existence a soul to maintain my devotion”

Dryllan stands and says: “death is something which comes to you and you alone”

“One should be taken when one doesn’t expect it and one is alone”

Xaxier still standing then says as he final words this

All of you have stated your reasons to give deaths kiss

I now tell you to go out and give me your best work to date

All of you destroy lives kill humans or whatever and that is what I will rate

I will give you one day after that I expect you back in here

With stories of horror told picture clear

I myself will join this contest of my peers

Let’s show everyone why death is something to fear

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