The words of a broken fallacy, shine through my fingers

As I seek company, the stench of loneliness lingers

It’s perfume an attack on the senses

Strolling in a forgotten world, and all I have is this

My pen

My pad

The days where time sided with me

We’re honestly a long forgotten memory

Until the words were found

And each letter seemed to pound

On a door, I closed

So then the question was posed

Who am I?

The answer was ice cold smoke blown in my face

The lips of disgrace, victory and dignity found a case

In which a fire burned that I had lit

These few would not allow me to again forget

Their words have now been collected and bound

Their fists on my doors no longer make a sound

For now, we find ourselves in a daze

A maze where all my dark corners stay

I invite you to walk through

I invite you to turn pages in the hopes of a clue

I created this for you

A mind filled with stories, that translated into sentences

Which transformed into a book repentance

This book is the explanation to the dark side

So buckle up, lean back, get some popcorn and enjoy the ride

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