Mystic Escape Endless Runner

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Mystic Escape is a captivating 2D endless runner mobile game that promises to transport players to a world of magic, mystery, and endless excitement.

  • We plan to release Mystic Escape on Android as well as iOS.
  • Creating a top-notch mobile game requires time, effort, and resources. Your support will not only help us bring Mystic Escape to life but also enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Your support ensures that Mystic Escape receives the necessary polishing to provide a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Mainty Griot. Some would say he is a born adventurer. But he would disagree. The reason he braves dragons. Discovers lost miracles. And collecting the greatest items known to man is simple. It’s so that he can tell his daughter the most epic of stories without lying to her. 

Whenever he is on an adventure, she would write him magical letters telling him of her own. Mainty cherished each letter. And upon returning home he would keep them safe in a special box. One day he came home and found his daughter crying. 

Someone had stolen the box. Mainty promised his daughter he would get the letters back. Mainty knew who stole the letters and went to the thief’s magical mansion

He has but one mission. Bring the letters back and don’t get caught.

Imagine a realm where magic reigns supreme and your skills are put to the test in a race against time. Mystic Escape invites players to navigate through mesmerizing magical rooms, dodging mystical smoke and enchanting letters that will challenge your reflexes and transport you to a realm of wonder. The journey is endless, and the challenges become more magical as you progress!

Throughout the game, you collect coins. You can use these coins to buy magical tools, letters, outfits, rides and of course power-up items. These will increase the enjoyment and enhance the overall gameplay as you make your way through the world. 

Mystic Escape introduces a captivating array of magical tools that players can acquire to enhance their gameplay.

Imagine wielding the power to manipulate the very fabric of this mystical world! From magical shields that protect against formidable obstacles to speed-boosting artifacts that send you soaring through the skies. 

These tools unlock endless possibilities and elevate the gaming experience to new heights. The tools we have planned for the complete game are the following. 

  • Pandoras Box – Gives you extra meters after you die
  • Merlin’s bracelet – Occasionally disables obstacles 
  • Houdini’s pouch – Attracts the gems and coins in game 
  • Book of Anubis – Calls forth ghosts to haunt Smokey
  • Eye of Ankh – Sees through the elements in the world
  • Dragon’s tooth – Scares away Smokey
  • Rabbit’s foot – A high chance of getting the tarot coin card 
  • Seal of Solomon – A free chance at the Tarot Card game
  • Aladdin’s Ring – Puts more valuable gems/coins into the game
  • Mermaids Tears – Pulls you down faster
  • Witches Broom – Booster for 500 meters in the beginning 
  • Mansa Musa’s Coin – In game item that provides an explosion of coins
  • Midas’ Glove – Add 1 coin for every 10 coins collected at the end of the game
  • Icarus Wings – Makes you jump up faster
  • 7 league boots – Take an extra 7 steps after you die
  • Free Ride – Start the game on a vehicle
  • Swan Cloak – Makes you occasionally invisible to obstacles
  • Yggdrasil’s wand – Attracts the Tarot Coin towards you
  • Cup of Mana – Start with a shield on you
  • Cat of mages – A cute cat joins you on your trip

As you soar through the fantastical landscape of Mystic Escape, you’ll discover a set of magical letters that hold the key to enhancing your gameplay.

These letters, brimming with arcane energy, are not merely collectibles but gateways to a world of extraordinary abilities.

By acquiring these magical letters, you’ll gain access to unique power-ups, secret passages, and game-altering enhancements that will elevate your experience to new heights!

We have a full set of letters we are planning on bringing into the game. Each letter will have its own visual effect. These are the letters we have planned.

  • Love – Hearts
  • Flowers – petals 
  • Heavenly – Angel wings
  • Angry – Devil wings
  • Soapy – Bubbles
  • Lightning – Strikes of lightning
  • Foody – Fruits and stuff
  • X-Mas – Wreathes and stars
  • Rainbow – Colorful streams
  • Tornado – Wind
  • Glitter – Colorful dots
  • Cotton Candy – Fluffy pink candy
  • Beams of Magic – Light blue stream
  • Music – Notes stream out of it
  • Candy – Wrapped candy pops out
  • Sauna – Steamy 
  • Boogeyman – Black stream with eyes
  • Butterflies – Flying butterflies
  • Math – Numbers pop out
  • Letters/words – Words are brought forth 
  • Windy – Slashes of winds
  • Marshmallows – fluffy cylinders 
  • Evil Beam of magic – The purple stream
  • Fire – flame thrower
  • Party time – Presents and candles 
  • Money – Cash and coins
  • Red Lemonade – Red Stream of liquid
  • Spiders – spiderwebs and spiders

Stand out in the magical crowd by acquiring and upgrading unique vehicles that enhance your gameplay. From nimble motorcycles to majestic flying carpets, choose the ride that matches your style.

We currently only have the bike in the game, but we need to put in a lot more. Magic will flow from each ride as you soar through the world. The vehicles we are planning to put into the game are the following. 

  • Magical Lion – Timing based push to destroy what’s in front of you
  • Magical Bike – Jump up or down at high speed
  • Magical Phoenix – Touch will allow the phoenix to soar
  • Houdini’s Jacket – Water pushes you up or down
  • Magical Dragon – Going up or down as you sit royaly
  • Magical Carpet – Diagonal movement through the world 

Mystic Escape focuses on one man trying to escape the residence of the man who stole his daughter’s letters. But the story of this world is bigger than just him. There are a few main characters who this game revolves around. 

We have been working tirelessly on finding the right look and designs for everything in this world. We want to share some of the final design highlights as you join us on this journey. We will eventually add even more raw concept art. But for now please enjoy the somewhat final designs. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the rewards offered in return for your support. 

To make sure the most suitable options at the most appropriate price are offered, shipping costs for physical rewards will be charged separately after the campaign has ended and when the game is close to release.

This game and all its intricacies were made by me. I am a solo developer who started making games in 2023. Mystic Escape is the second game in a series of games that have been planned. 

My original background is a poet and author. I have written several books. Poetry as well as short stories. These stories and poems would range from extremely emotional to just straight up horror. I started my drawing journey about 5 years ago. I started drawing because I wanted to make a children’s book but found that the price of illustrators was a bit too steep for my taste. So I decided to just learn how to draw myself

That journey took me to make over 12 children’s books and 3 manga’s. A wide collection of practice images and drawers full of papers with scribbles on them. This beautiful path of drawing has now brought me to a place where I want to bring my stories to life in a different way. Mystic Escape or rather games are that way.  

Seeing as how I’m a new game developer I am still lacking a lot of knowledge and skills when it comes to making a fully functional game. That is why I need help from people smarter than me and with a higher level of expertise. But those people need to pay their bills as well, so here we are.