My story written my way

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On the 15th of December I joined those who breathe alone

Placed in the slums sum say the ghetto I just called it home

The South east of Amsterdam that’s where I grew up

Until the age of 9 that’s when we gave that place up

Me and my mum had seen struggle saw no need to stay

Problems we could no longer juggle we changed the display

Moved to the west still ghetto but by a different name

Taught me to raise my chest and handle my growing pain

That’s when music came in and calmed my raging sea

No more prayers to god, music is now it for me

24/7 we’re together, tried to study your every song

Succeeded marvelously with you I couldn’t go wrong

Front to front back to back

Could rap along with every track

Proudly showed my skills to everyone who would listen

Knowing more and more songs then became my mission

Then at the age of 14 a friend told me to write

Ever since then the pen pad and me been real tight

Filling notebook after notebook writing became my thing

Words became my psychiatrist music took me under his wing

Kept me sheltered kept me safe from bullshit, like stress

With every secret that I confessed my frustrations became less

Recorded one song but the result came out wrong

Feedback got back and negativity was strong

So I returned to the place where my mind felt safe

And at a slow pace leaving rap became the case

I studied wordplay multi’s and syllable rhymes

Everybody got on their grind but I stayed off mine

Spitting was something I didn’t have to do

Writing my passion, they all knew this to be true

Years did pass I was asked to return

I went into the booth and felt that fire burn

The urge to record, hear and play

And have my skills put on public display

Praise was now ok no longer did it go astray

My mind found rest no longer in disarray

Time spent alone was useful to say at least

And my writing skills made some, consider me a beast

So now I combine my time so my mind can unwind

And leave behind the dreams of recording a rhyme

Cited by others quoted by peers

As I empty my soul and bare my fears

Influenced by all but I copy none

If you would just feel me then my work is done