These dreads are a reflection of my rebellion against the norm
They keep my sanity together when society once again throws me into a storm
Without them I could stand in a culture meant for a select few
Some believe that your hair tells everything about you
The problem is that the story that is being told is often given by the media
Dreads equals weed head even though I don’t smoke
Long hair is deemed sexy; that is why fake lines are added
Straight hair is looked at as hot; that’s why burning steel touches hair
Curls are enticing; that’s why people sleep to twist everything up there
Those tired of the games take a step outside the box and remove it all
Bald or colour it all up, those are the ones who have a ball
Your hair should reflect where you have been and what you’ve seen
It should be a reflection of your roots and the truth unseen
Your hair should not be destroyed or weakened to satisfy the taste of others
You shouldn’t lower or remove anything to please others
A trend isn’t reason enough to play with your hair
I would have long since lost myself in the waves of society,
had I listened to my so-called peers
My hair is an extension of my pain, a way to relieve my fears
Let your environment shape your ends
Define reality by using your appearance as the point perception spins around
Let them judge based on things they know nothing of
Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder
It’s inside the person they are looking at
It’s time to take your sense of self back
Chisel away the image they told you to be
Find your origin and be your own image of beauty
Play till you find what works
Settle only for what makes you feel good
I won’t let it define me, regardless of where society stands
Don’t crucify me on your news stands

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