It’s a cold evening with a stormy background

Light flashes enter my room

But the thunder to me is a welcome sound

It eases the pain of the breath I feel in my neck

With the rain clattering on my window

Now I feel a certain chill down my back

Close my eyes to reminisce

So the people I have dealt with felt like this

Hmpf ………

Funny ……..

It seems like just yesterday I fell into this life of the way of the gun

But I must honestly say that my nine to five job, I still consider fun

The post office showed me the meaning of a team

And the fun I had with those people brings smiles on my face

Every day seemed like a dream

Even that dick head boss of mine … “do I pay you for that” seemed his favorite line

Even the way eddy stood up for me and then tried to consult me with

“Don’t pay him no mind”

Yeah people like me because I don’t talk much and do my job the best I can

But I just enjoy their presence their honesty

And the way they make me feel like an honest man

Yeah, that job is good … too bad it’s just a front … too bad it’s not my real life

I do the post office thing to fill my day cause at night starts my real life

I’m a mercenary not of the best … but the best

For a good enough fee, I can even put the president to rest

I have become so good at my craft I’ve become so good in death

I have in a way become him

Cause whenever I take a job …

Take a hit the target that will be eliminated immediately knows it

They way they tell me whenever I appear in front of them is

“That they knew I was coming”

They felt their bones freeze their blood boil

And their hairs stand up they knew I was coming

Visions of my face haunt their dreams images of my gun race through their pupils … I still don’t understand this part

How can I just by knowing that they will die cause of the wickedness in their heart

Have I become such a demon that my hatred for mankind travels before me

That my rage that could wither the fires of hell arrives before me

If so is then my place not right next to the devil to be his collector of souls

Is that then not my FUCKING goal

It seems I might be right *cough*

This nasty cough is the reason for this gloomy a night

I have been having this cough for a long time

But the doctors visit I had last week just messed up my mind

I’m sick … an incurable disease will kill me

I can’t believe this simple a thing will be able to kill me

I who strike fear in the hearts of lions … make a grown man cry

Can’t believe it is my time to die

The doctor said I have at least 5 years left

But the chill down my spine told me I got only today left

I even had a dream last night filled with a black entity

I slept in darkness cried tears of pain and this Black Hand reached out for me

I woke up with my bones feeling cold and my blood hot

And an uncontrollable shaking that couldn’t stop

Now I’m sitting here in my living room … sipping on this Bacardi

It’s cold yet the radiator is on its limit then why doesn’t it warm me

Another light flash enters my room … what time is it 11:58 pm

The breath in my neck is getting colder and closes in … I can damn near feel em

Again I’m shaking … so this is what fear feels like

Can he feel my fear can he hear my heart pound twice as fast … this doesn’t feel right

Will he wait till my fear reaches its maximum and I break out in tears

In sweat, I sit and I hear a voice tell me this is what it is like for your peers

In shock of that voice, I look at the clock it’s 00:00 … but what the fuck

Mist in my living room … but how? … The doors are shut

As I sit up and open my eyes wide my body gives me a new sense

I know the room is empty but I can feel his presence

He is here

As I feel him raising his scythe to slash my soul in 2

I bow my head to what’s coming and smile cause I know what to do

I have prepared my own scythe I have prepared for what’s to come

Send a demon to kill a demon … so now let it be done

If you focus your mind soul spirit and heart you can create a weapon

It cannot be seen by human eyes nor harm a human’s body but it is still a weapon

Even you will not be able to see it but that must not stop you from shaping it

And since it can only be used to harm the undead have faith in yourself when using it

This is what was told … this is what I will do

Come then death … I’m am ready for you

The wind comes before his scythe so I know when to duck

As I duck I turn and jump to him

Now I’m behind him with my weapon of mind

He then materializes to me and I can see a form this is him

This is death, this is the grim reaper of souls

Ender of lives my silent companion for so long

I grab him by the neck and say the time for acting is now gone

The red spots in his skull that would be eyes seem surprised to hear this

With my own scythe to his throat, I tell him what did you think BITCH

You would kill me that easily … you feed off fear so I gave you mine

I acted to be scared I’ve have been doing so in the post office for so long

That it’s no biggy for me to switch my mind

To be a scared little man who looks as if he can break down at any time

I’m the BEST killer to have been born …

And the post office thing made me one of the best actors of all time

I’ve been a killer all my life … but wait you probably know this all … already

But wait is that fear I see in your eyes

Death is scared I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it in front of me

Is that a chill my hand feels going down your neck

A chill down the spine of the one who has never experienced that

Since I consider myself a demon I know the souls of those I have killed

Wait for me in hell

And the seat of the collector is also waiting for me in hell

Since I’m the best here it’s only natural that I continue being so in the hereafter

So your soul and place are mine, see you in the hereafter

I swing my scythe and decapitate death and scream DIE with my final of breath

Cause for doing this I will take his place his suit comes on to me

And his hood covers my face

My power over life has never felt this large

Now I’m the head killer in charge

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