I can smell the putrid stench of my hell

The aroma of sex I know it well

She will pay in tears she will live in fear

Retribution is near this picture now clear

How dare she do this in our own home

When work is the only reason I left her alone

Cheating on me well she must be crazy

This bitch must pay and I do mean dearly


How dare he accuse me of such a thing

When such a vile song I dare not sing

He is the one for me, my life my all

Always there for him whenever he should call

He left in a rage, slamming the door

The words he uttered, reached my core

If I did something I would surely confess

His new job must be giving a lot of stress


Whore, slut, cunt and bitch

Never did he call her this

Leaving before he snapped

Leaving before she got slapped

The right thing to do, he needed to cool down

But his hunch is true, a man did come around

He suspects his wife and her long lost ex

Didn’t cross his mind that his daughter is having sex

A Week Passes


She still doesn’t want to admit it

But the games I’m playing should make her forfeit

A knife to her throat, a gun to her head

Whispers when she is eating “I want you dead”

Pillow over her head to wake her up

Screaming at her: admit that you FUCKED

Since that day I smelled again twice to be precise

If she doesn’t fold I have to stop being nice


I must convince him that I am truthful

Seeing him in this much pain is just painful

He puts me through torture to equal his

I’m scared to death but will work through this

Bruises of gunpoint cuts of his knife

Voluntary insomnia, I hate my life

Crying when he’s at work, shaking when he calls

To see if I’m alone he doesn’t trust me at all


A steady boyfriend, but worried her parents won’t approve

In secret, she does her thing, lusting for her boy’s every move

Imagination mixed with reality, a tale of pain and jealousy

Slowly but surely destroying the lives of this family

His mind slowly breaking down, her mind slowly crumbling

Hatred now a sound, and “love is gone” the words it’s mumbling

 Every day that passes the wife refuses to lie

Which is the right thing to do even if it means she must die

A month passes


They will come to get me, they will deem me crazy

Not my fault she the enemy

Going behind my back to sneak a peek at a dick not my own

Are her morals so weak she can’t speak of divorce are we not grown

Left me no choice, but to leave her without a voice

This sensation is exciting the air feels moist

The knife slipped and her throat got ripped

Now my shirt is red as if in blood dipped


Since she is dead I will speak in her stead

I said I will pump her full of lead put the gun to her head

And screamed ADMIT you bitch ADMIT

She begged and pleaded for me to quit

So I did and brought forth my stainless steel

Put it to her neck and whispered here is the deal

I’m tired of this game, give me his name your choices are none

If you refuse then your life is done


He worked at a nuclear plant, where safety wasn’t an issue

Meaning it was lacking and repairs were due

His mind got warped and twisted from the radiation

Adding to the fuel of a dormant murders imagination

The results can now be seen, as the daughter can’t believe this isn’t a dream

But no one has the courage to tell her that she is to blame

What is the difference the result will still be the same

Communication is the key, regardless of what the reaction may be

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