Diamond whispers

A town called perfect

As scenery flashes past me, the radio hums a melody

Soothing whatever memory I will take home from my daily activity

A 9 to 5 enables this X5 a beautiful house and a gorgeous wife

Minimum strife what some would call the perfect life

So as the wheels rotate I make my way to that steak

Which does await my arrival and I won’t be late

I park my car and the dog welcomes me

I pat his head and ask “how you doing buddy”

As I enter my domicile I sniff and smile

Gravy, onions all done in my wife’s style

So as my son comes down to greet his father

We hug and I ask where is my daughter

I tell him to tell her to go get ready

Cause dinner will be served and we eat as family

At the table, everyone’s day is brought up

Each day similar, perfect yes that is us


A crash in the market our stock did plummet destroyed our profit

A crashing plane and we are all in the cockpit

Foreseeing our doom but unable to change it

Caught in gloom in the panic room we sit

Management decisions fell down like rain

All those lower ranked were to feel the pain

Forced redundancy as they lean on the brink

So all including me were abandoned to sink

I lost my job my only source of income

Now that chapter in my life is officially done

I wanna cry but stay strong for my spouse and spawn

Now comes the test of love since our money is gone

Legacy of Chaos

Fights pursue our once so happy home

Four souls in one house yet I feel alone

My wife throws glances which reduce me to dirt

I feel like a stone thrown into a girt

Depriving joy his right to flow to happiness

At night I weep to see if I can fill my soul’s emptiness

My children now see me as a bum

Cause the funds coming in are low to none

Unable to find a job which would hire one so old

Countless interviews but a second one I can’t mold

So after 1 year my wife just packed up and left me

Taking the kids leaving my happy home empty

Unable to pay the mortgage I lost the house too

No place to reside so there is one thing left to do

Dark Dreams

The wind passes through the alley buzzing with screams

As the chill, it brings along brings forth old dreams

Money in abundance and drowning in love

A warm bed and soaring free like a white dove

Instead of leaning against a dumpster in a dark alley

Accompanied by another but he is just crazy

For six months straight we shared this back street

And our pillows are also the place from which we eat

But each day at midnight his tongue would start to slither

Speaking of dark and light and how hope would come hither

Diamond Whispers

Your every dream can become reality

All that’s necessary is you trust in me

Give me your soul and I’ll give you the chance

To once again dance in the fragrance of romance

No more newspapers but actual blankets

Live a life devoted of any pits


At first, his promises were empty and easy to leave behind

But after six months it does tempt me and bellows in my mind

I accept his offer thinking what have I to lose

And surely enough he has removed all my dues

I’m back in my normal state my life again is a clean slate

My joy I can’t sedate … as I finally realize my last objective

What the fuck is going on I’m back in the alley

Leaning against the dumpster he smiles at me

And says

Your dream will constantly be repeated

Cause a dream isn’t a dream once you achieve it

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