Dancing in the darkness

Slowly but certain I can feel the curtain

Enforcing this burden of an unknown person

Chipping away at this display

What to say since I’m the prey

Words lose meaning feels like I’m dreaming

My courage is leaving my body is scheming

To abandon hope I just can’t cope

With the pressures of upholding vain smoke

My legs are shaking my soul is aching

My heart feels like its breaking

It’s pumping so fast this rush can’t last

This anxiety needs to be left in the past

Otherwise, my mind will flake simply brake

Too much at stake, this can’t be all I can take

Practiced to fatigue just to intrigue

A public which was deemed out of my league

Their criticism fuelled my fire my spirit became dire

My optimism called them a liar pushed me to reach higher

Reach for the moon, forget about the stars

Laugh at doom, focus on my inner wars

Hope versus reality dreams versus insanity

Laughter versus agony or basically me versus me

Every battle has been won from ridicule I didn’t run

This too shall be done … limitations there are none

As I move to the sound whispers go around

Their nature does hound, they seem scorn bound

But I will overcome as I said before

I will be no pun critics will say no more

My gestures are tuned to the melody

My movements are groomed to the symphony

As I can sense them follow my every move

I bask in the rhythm as I dwell in the groove

Step, shake, swing, fall, stop and run

Hand feet romp legs this is fun

They all move accordingly

This is going perfectly

As my body has told its best prose I take up my final pose

Ready my ego to take their blows instead their applause echoes

As their praise leaves me amazed I can’t help but feel dazed

For all those who mocked me let this ovation be their answer

They laughed when I said I want to be the first blind ballet dancer

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