Caught in this feeling of wanting to see you smile

Kiss you, wait 5 minutes and say it’s been awhile

Ask you to get me something just so I can see you walk

Record you so when I’m alone I can hear you talk

Call you before I go to bed so you can sush me to sleep

Then leave the phone on, so it’s not the ringtone but you that awake me

Take a million pictures is something I wish to do

So I can throw them in a pool and swim in you

I would slap perfection in the face, for wearing your name

After seeing your smile, the sun has never been the same

Roses go pale by the sight of your lips

The ocean turns green by the motion of your hips

I would open the gates of heaven by talking about you and you alone

Your brilliance has turned diamonds into stone

I’m caught, set me free, let me define my own reality

Let me gaze upon you with eyes of honesty

Let me resculpture the frame of your beauty

Let my fingers caress each flaw, till each scar becomes smooth

Let my words delve into your mind and find each lie that it eludes

Let me hear your fears, confide in me

Let me stare at your past revisit each memory

Let me see the real you, the one behind the mask

Open up your heart without me having to ask

Give me your love, without restrictions or bounds

Look inside my soul where there are no lights or sounds

I’m caught between loving you and seeing you for who you are

Comfortable chains, I don’t want to leave anymore

Your eyes have pierced through the mist I cast on this plain

Your lips have kissed away every last bit of pain

You have me, now keep me pull me towards your light

For I was caught the moment you came into my sight

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