Breathing Darkness

They say it was born from the malice of man

The sky it tore with its fury it turned glass from sand

Its rage fueled by the hatred, residing in darkness

They created it yet its undoing is their wish

With each stroke of its wings, thunder does clap

With each breath, it consumes, the earth does crack

Its presence is hidden from the eyes of those unworthy

Cloaked by clouds its soul mangled and dirty

That was the old ways, now there is a new dawn

Sighted spotted a famous phase, they now named this hell spawn

Satan’s beast, the devils pet or simply put dragons are back

They assume there are more than one

But their doom isn’t plural, there aren’t more to come

Listen to my tale, with your undivided attention

You will turn pale, as this beast is from a different dimension

The pages regarding the middle ages tell of beast similar to this

Able to put them in cages, yet they would shutter at its hiss

Burned to a crisp by its fire breathing ability

The mere wisp of its rage turned the bravest knight to a baby

Devour them whole as it would dominate its ring

Yet these beasts were scared of only one thing

The spirit of one whose soul was so clear

It would adhere the courage of man to fight their fear

One was born each generation

But with the passing of time, dragons met with devastation

One took a sleep so deep it enabled him to creep past the notice of time

This mistake so steep that the beast did leap into its ultimate prime

As a dragon gets older its increases in length, strength, and wisdom

It’s hearts grows colder, be happy there is only one

If you listen closely, the wind does carry his scream

The tremble in the rain is an unseen dream

The tick tack on the window for spell a twisted fate

All this is thanks to human kind’s hate

The beast has grown smarter than ever before

And evil has reached the very center of its core

It knows that directly, it will lose

As humans now have weapons from which to choose

So its first step was to open up … fears gate

So it decided to burn down an entire state

California does burn ever so slow

If you look at the flames the shadow of the dragon does glow

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