Wind blowing through the trees the air cries the forest plea’s
on this night of unholy deeds, this night where the devils seeds
have grown and taken shape have taken a twisted state
amusement instead of fear joy in the place of hate
on Halloweens eve they gather every year
in the forest with no name they lit fire to clear
the night’s ice hold and interrupt its darkness
always a story is told 1 speaks a 100 witness
the vivid imagination of always the same man
but under this moon, he carries another plan
they light the circle of fire he stands in the center unafraid
as the flames surround him the mood is now easily made

Gather round everyone in the absence of the sun
once again we can have fun the scenery is now done
I have a story this year which will make you grow pale
never have you heard such a horrid tale
this will be the best night of the witches
after this, you soul will need stitches
so come close so close you can almost touch the flame
and once again I will tell a story in this forest with no name
it was a night such as this the wind carried the devils kiss
normal men went insane history would never be the same
mass genocide was committed mankind would never forget it
called it the night of terror the day god made an error
and gave a blind eye, let all those innocent people die
if you listen close you can still hear their souls cry
but before I go on let me disclose you this here
look around and see what the devil has brought near
as 100 men turn to view what the teller means
their eyes open in shock as they behold a demons dream
fire has swallowed the trees and now reaches the moonlit sky
panic consumes their hearts realizing they’re about to die
screams of agony try to match the crackle of the flames
just to find misery is accompanied by the fires aims
burn everything in its path leave only but dust
he then screams TO CONTINUE THIS IS A MUST
as they look to the circle the teller’s missing
he’s gone but his voice is still preaching

every FUCKING year you ask me to tell a story
year in and year out no more … I’m sorry
because only tales which are true seem to reach the heart of men
I want those days to be through tired of simply creating them
just to hear “last year was scarier” or “things didn’t add up”
if my tales were real then you would shut the fuck up
so this year I create my own story my own Halloween night
this tale will be my glory able to inflict the bravest man fright
I’m so FUCKING tired of telling and making up stuff which isn’t true
so tired of yelling to give an extra effect just to impress you
but after this, I just have to repeat what happened today
and people will hang from every little word which I say
So I need all of you to burn to death
I will tell the tale for every one of your last breaths
the passage way I used is closed so don’t try
to break it open just accept your about to die
all of you are now in the devil’s mind leave all hope behind
become a part of history better yet be my best story

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