It’s only me even though I’m surrounded by people and voices

The sting of neglect bitter, but at times I want this

A dark ray in yellow light, alone with a war to fight

Awkward glances dissipate as I walk into the night

A misty road surrounded by trees

Empty conversations filled with pleas

Not a word is for me, left to stand outside

Any social aspect has withered and slowly died

Alone in my bed not even a scent for company

Abandoned by self-pity, forsaken by lonely

There I found myself alone in a dark room

Standing in the corner holding a glass broom

Expecting company for almost 30 years

Ready to start as soon as the dark clears

The silence is absolute, not a single tune can be played

Tapping is forbidden, not a single rhythm can be made

Surrounded by broken screens, sleep is devoid of any dreams

My thoughts have been declared K.O.

For every question I would like to ask my mouth already says no

There is no food to taste, there is no weather to feel

Slowly but surely starting to doubt if I’m real

Nothing familiar but the dark

Circumstance a vicious bitch, I hear her bark

And with it 3 white lines, resembling a door

Accustomed to seclusion, unable to leave anymore

Just me with myself all other senses turned off

A diamond hard façade, turned brittle and soft

I’m alone in the world, I’m alone in the dark

I have lost everything I have been claimed by the dark I am alone

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