Afro Candy

I like candy, the way the sugar meets your tongue

The way you feel when it’s all done

Candy used to be a rush equal to any gift

If there is anything that is something I miss

Remember when you were young and you had to eat vegetables and fruit

Remember when you were done, you got to enjoy candy that tastes like fruit

They were smart that way, but what can I say

If they sugarcoated broccoli I would eat it all day

But lately candy has become stale

New flavors and editions often end in a fail

The memory of enjoying candy slowly started to fade

But then came along something that was custom made

With the appeal of something you just want to take a bite off

Me personally I like my candy soft

But if I can suck on it then its coo too

Heck I don’t even mind if it turns my tongue blue

Everyone has their own favorite

That one candy that when you open the bag you just can’t quit

Until its empty, gone and you stand there looking at it

With a look on your face that say’s “man … Shi….”

That is that good candy, one that kind of feels like a drug

One you will still consider eating if it fell on your rug

You got the three second rule you can still pick it up

Or just spend another buck and get some more

And while you’re at the store, get me some of that afro candy while you’re at it

That is one candy I would eat till I get sick

And then I’ll just have one more before I go to sleep

Wake up in the middle of the night and slowly creep

To the cupboard to see if I have any left

This my own house but it feels like theft

Because I KNOW I shouldn’t eat anymore

But candy, yes Afro candy has touched my core

Now I’m somewhat of an addict

And I have to be real I’m kind of slick

Cause after this I am getting a free bag, and I’m gonna pig out

She doesn’t have to pay me, you can’t put money in your mouth

Nah I’m good, all I need is something sweet

Some of that sugar that makes my knees weak

I have a real sweet tooth, but I wasn’t able indulge myself

But sweet little B, gave me a brown coated gem of wealth

She names it Afro Candy

I call it Afro Candy cause that’s what it’s called, Why would I name it something else

It makes no sense, but this little invention will make all big companies past tense

We are looking at the next beautiful memory of an entire generation

And I can say without an ounce of hesitation

That your candy is the shiznit

It aint no McDonalds but Im loving it


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